Our Goal

Our goal is to provide the client with quality service and quick response time while maintaining high levels of integrity and professionalism.


Vector Building Maintenance Ltd., a family business, took off in 1997 as Vector CD, a part-time small renovation company, managed by its owner and founder, Constantin Dragomir. Vector began providing maintenance and renovation services over 15 years ago to a wide range of properties managed by DMS Group and Housing York Inc., building an excellent reputation for service and dependability. Over this time, Vector has continued to develop its general contracting business, formulating timely and effective solutions with performance and cost management in mind and mastering the ability to deliver a large range of property maintenance services.


With a strong engineering background, Constantin started his career in the automotive field as the founder of the ARO Racing Team. He won a number of off road races in the 1980s, cultivating his young talents with enthusiasm. Shortly after 1989, the year that brought democracy to Romania, he took his first trip to the west, by representing his employer at the Santiago Auto Show.
Freedom came to Romania with a lot of opportunities, but also political unrest and economic confusion. As the newly free-market Romanian automotive industry was struggling against foreign competition, Constantin managed to start his own business in auto parts with relative success. The idea of leaving his country for better opportunities came in 1994 via the well remembered advice of his mentor Ioan Giuvelca, General Manager of ARO SA, to start fresh and forget about the auto industry. Coming from Romania, the origin country of Henry Coanda, Ilie Nastase and Nadia Comaneci, Constantin had a desire to make a meaningful impact in Ontario where he immigrated along with his wife and daughter in 1995.
With the stamina of a race car driver and the determination to win customers through quality, hard work and integrity, Constantin incorporated Vector CD in 2005 and dedicated himself full-time to his business in 2009. Over the years he managed to find the most valuable resources and the right people for the right jobs, all sharing the same qualities and values.